Biological and Marine Sciences Unit

Biology is the study of life, aimed at addressing fundamental questions about the origin, evolution, development, and behaviour of living organisms, from the structure and function of their molecules and cells to the interactions and evolutionary dynamics between organisms and their ecosystems.

 In the Biological and Marine Sciences Unit  at Marian University College (MARUCO) we offer courses that highlights the remarkable and often surprising ways in which life emerges, changes, grows, and dies across a diversity of microbes, plants, and animals, including humans.  Understanding biology helps us to understand the past, present, and future of the natural world that surrounds us, and better appreciate our own place within it.

Since biology is a multifaceted field that covers all elements of life that have ever existed, MARUCO strives to hire academic staff who excel in the various fields of study surrounding the biological sciences.

While programmes are rigorous and demanding the Unit maintains an informal and friendly atmosphere encouraging interaction and exchange of ideas and equipment between academic staff and all students. This provides a very welcoming environment for everyone at Marian University College.


Careers in Biology

Careers in biology include teaching secondary school and higher level institutions. In addition, biologists travel the world to research animals, investigate microorganisms in the laboratory, and develop medical advances in the life sciences. They work for scientific research and development organizations, government agencies, diagnostic laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.


Degree Programme

BSc with Education (Chemistry and Biology, Geography and Biology, and Physics and Biology).

Biological and Marine Sciences Unit Staff

Dr. Peter F. Kasigwa

Title: Senior Lecturer in Biology

Mr. France P. Mdoe

Title: Assistant Lecturer in Biology

Mr. Shabani Said Selemani

Title: Assistant Lecturer in Biology