About the Unit

The mission of the ICT Unit is to collaborate with the university community to lead the advancement of scholarship through the appropriate integration of technology. In doing so, we seek to empower our students, faculty, and staff to use information technology to promote life-long learning for the benefit of humankind and apply that knowledge for the development of our surrounding community.

We recognize ICT as a tool that enables you to create, learn, explore, teach, increase productivity, solve problems, and go wherever your curiosity and imagination may lead.

Access to ICT Facilities

All students who are financially cleared AND have admitted and registered are eligible to enjoy ICT Services.

The following is a list of the services that are available to students on campus:

  1. Access to computers during classes in the various labs in the Lecture Block Building, the Library and around the University.
  2. Access to computers in the Main Lab for general research and assignments
  3. Internet Access in all our Labs.
  4. Wireless Internet Access in designated areas of the campus.
  5. Email Services
  6. Information Systems Support Services
  7. End-user Support Services
  8. ICT Training Services

ICT Support Services

  1. ICT Call Center, +255 628148832 / 07568897789 if you are calling from outside the campus.OR
  2. Send an email to icthelpdesk@maruco.ac.tz

ICT Staff

Mr. Noely Laizer

System Administrator

Mr. Kilango Dole

Network and Hardware Specialist