Library Regulations

Library users are expected to read and abide by the library regulations:

  1. Access to Marian University College Library is restricted to staff and students of Marian University College who are in possession of a current valid identity card and to such other persons as may be authorized by the Chief Librarian.
  2. Details of each user’s name, address, department, and such particulars as may be deemed necessary for the secure and effective operation of the Library’s service are used in the Library’s computer systems, on the understanding that this information will be held securely and used only for those purposes.
  3. Students are required to carry their University student identity card and staff to carry their University staff identity card to gain entry and to use the Library and must produce this when required to do so by library staff.
  4. Bags should be left on the shelf at the Issue Desk. The library accepts no liability for loss of personal property left on reading tables.
  5. Readers are advised not to return books on the shelves but leave them on the reading tables.
  6. Appropriate behavior is required in the Library. Users of the Library should respect the fact that the library is a quiet study zone.
  7. Phones should either be switched off or set to silent mode on entering the library. The use of mobile phones to make and receive calls is prohibited. Users failing to comply with this requirement, or who behave inappropriately anywhere in the Library will be asked to leave. Any subsequent incidents will be subject to appropriate University disciplinary procedures.
  8. Consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the library.
  9. Mains operated personal equipment, except laptops, should not be used without the prior permission of a librarian. Where use of the mains is permitted, other equipment should not be unplugged and wires should not trail so as to cause a trip hazard. Furniture should not be moved.
  10. Users are required to comply with copyright regulations when photocopying, scanning, photographing, printing, or downloading from information resources in print, electronic or any other format.
  11. Data retrieved from the Library’s electronic resources may not be used for purposes other than learning, teaching, research, personal educational development, administration, and management of the Marian University. The use of the data is not permitted for consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the data.
  12. Passwords must never be deliberately or inadvertently revealed or made accessible to others.
  13. Priority at all PCs is for users to access educational resources.
  14. Fines are charged on overdue books as follows: Teaching staff, non-teaching staff, postgraduate students: 1000 Tshs per day; Students: 500 Tshs per day
  15. Users are responsible for items borrowed on their cards and for their return by the due date. They will be required to pay for any damage to, and/or theft or loss of, items borrowed, at replacement cost plus an administrative charge.
  16. Library users can report any complaints concerning library services to the Chief Librarian.