History Unit

The History Unit provides students with opportunities to gain broad knowledge of African and world history based on diverse theoretical perspectives, temporal settings and spatial focusing. 

Courses provided promote critical thinking and analysis about the past and present. Also they promote historical analytic and writing skills in historical discourses. Above all, the Unit inculcates a sense of sensitivity to and appreciation of values essential for students to become effective citizens in the local, national, and international communities.  This includes the desire and will to serve others, and a tendency to be curious about the meaning and value of life, not only within their own culture, but also in the culturally diverse world.


Careers in History

 Employers value the research, analytical, teamwork and communication skills that history students develop throughout their degree.  Graduates of history can work as historic buildings inspectors or conservation officers to preserve buildings of special heritage, so that future generations may enjoy them. Can also work as archivist, secondary school teacher, museum education officer, or academic researchers.  History graduates have strong analytical and communication skills which can be put to good use in careers in business, finance, human resource and law.


Degree Programme

BA with Education (History and Geography, History and English, History and Economics, History and Kiswahili).

History Unit Staff

Mr. Julius Mgaya

Assistant Lecturer in History

Sr. Efrosina Mbiki

Assistant Lecturer in History