Languages and Linguistics Unit

Language helps us to communicate our thoughts, maintain our relationships and cultures. It's at the heart of every interaction we have with each other. It plays an important part in family communications, academic activities, to settling global political disputes, and even posting on social media. The Unit offers undergraduate courses in Kiswahili, English language, and communication skills. 



The unit offers courses in Kiswahili, Kiswahili Grammar and Kiswahili Literature courses to undergraduate student teachers. There are also courses such as Kiswahili for beginners to foreigners and methods of teaching Kiswahili as a foreign language.


English Language and Communication Skills

The unit offers undergraduate courses in linguistics, English grammar, phonology and communication skills. The communication skills course equips students with writing, listening, speaking and reading skills.  Courses offered in the Languages and Communication Skills Unit equips our students with a variety of practical and analytical skills which have significant value in the modern world.


Career in Languages

Language skills can lead directly into a career in translating, interpreting or teaching, and are also in demand in areas such as hospitality, law, publishing and business services.  Careers in the diplomatic service and telecommunications also often require an aptitude for languages.


Degree Programme

BA with Education (English and History, English and Geography,  History and Geography)

Languages and Linguistics Unit Staff

Mr. Mahenda Kulwa Jagadi

Assistant Lecturer in Linguistics

Mr. Benson Boniface Kinjofu

Assistant Lecturer in Linguistics